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In 2010 in Australia, we started offering internships to undergraduate and postgraduate students of various universities, faculties, and nationalities including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

Despite being bright with very good marks, most were struggling with basic tasks. It was alarming. Whilst it would’ve been convenient to look the other way and let someone else worry about it, we decided to do something about it and instead of assigning them to coffee making and photocopying tasks, we gave them meaningful projects with integrated short practical training and coaching sessions which taught them skills they never learned at school.

This worked brilliantly and their results surprised us too. We became more curious and asked ourselves: “Why aren’t students taught these skills at schools to help them succeed in life?” And: “Why is achieving success left to chance where some make it and most don’t?”. We also later realised how big an issue this really was all around the world. Then, we asked an even bigger question that scared us at the start but has since changed our lives and that of many others: “What if we offered Success Skills education to students everywhere for a better life and a better world?”.

This has become our biggest driving passion, vision and life’s mission. To do that well, we were asked to start with students at an even younger age (secondary school first and now primary school from 2016). We have since worked with thousands of AMAZING secondary and tertiary students in Australia, Europe and South East Asia. Our students as well as their parents, teachers, principals, deans and employers have thanked us for this life changing work. We share their two regrets – they wish we had started earlier and that we should be doing much more!

So why keep going? We believe in the unlimited potential in young people, and the fact that they are the hope and foundation of the future. WE ALL have the responsibility to give them our absolute best, which means going beyond what seems to be convenient or the easy way out. Just as every drop makes a river, so does every effort count and make a difference.

By now you know what we do and why we do it. I believe we all share a similar vision for the greater good – a better life and a better world for our young people and by our young people. Can you imagine the possibilities? We can and this is what keeps us motivated to do more despite the obstacles.

If you are as curious as we were five years ago, and I really hope you are, then please contact us to see how we can do more of this together to multiply the positive impact.

Our programs accommodate any budget: from a 1 hour inspirational talk to a 1 day workshop to a comprehensive personal development program that can be integrated into your school’s curriculum – we’ll work with you to create a solution that best suits your students’ needs.

Please contact us to find out more or to let a select group of your students join us in one of our upcoming events.

guest speaking

Inspirational Talks

Inspiring students to think big and achieve ‘the impossible’. The author of The Little Nomad shares his story of realising big goals against all odds.

corporate training


Innovative enrichment programs that transform mindsets, guide careers and build employability skills.

executive coaching


Maximum impact Individual and group coaching sessions carried out at our bootcamps and Mastermind retreats.

advisory service


Streamlining processes for optimal performance, more time and less stress to provide learning experience closer to the ideal.