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Our experienced team comes from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

Our clients have access to knowledge, insights and best practices from over 100 years combined industry experience across different sectors to help them solve any challenge and successfully move forward.


We have worked in some of the most innovative environments in the world.

Our work with Students

We see how the changing business environment forces organisations to constantly improve their performance. In the most successful ones everyone positively contributes by being proactive, flexible and resourceful when it comes to getting things done. But for this to happen employees need the right attitude and a particular set of practical skills that are rarely taught in content-heavy schools.

The growing gap between what education offers and what the industry needs results in greater youth unemployment and underemployment around the world despite academic achievements. Moreover, without an opportunity for a journey of self-discovery students often make career decisions on the fly or in a ‘go with the flow’ manner creating a depressed workforce that lacks focus and motivation leading to costly absenteeism and high staff turnover.

In an attempt to address this problem holistically and help both sides (education and industry) we started working with students on developing the right mindset and critical workplace skills. The impact it created clearly showed the need to do that on a much larger scale. We have since worked with thousands of students in Australia, Asia and Europe witnessing their personal transformation and professional growth through our Success Skills Program perfected with the feedback from students, parents, teachers, principals, deans and employers, witnessing students successfully deliver industry projects, land well-paying jobs, being complemented for their skills, receive promotions (including overseas assignments) and become entrepreneurs.


Our company was created to help organisations optimise their performance on multiple levels based on best practices developed and tested by us around the world in product development, engineering, science and psychology.

Since 2009 we have been assisting organisations in

Australia, Asia and Europe across various industries including

creative, automotive, manufacturing, primary, applied research, education, business services, life science technology, hospitality, not-for-profit, and local government by providing corporate training, executive coaching and advisory services.

Our work

with Professionals

At sti we do things a bit differently — constantly challenging ourselves to tackle difficult projects and paths less travelled.


The more we experience, learn and achieve, the better we are positioned to offer our clients genuine, practical and invaluable insights, a global perspective, unconventional wisdom, smartest tools, best practices from leading global organisations, advanced coaching methods and performance strategies which help professionals and young people achieve success and create a positive change in the world.

Doing things a bit differently

Lead Trainer

Shekib Shaker spent 15 years in Australia, Germany, Japan and Korea inventing and developing software and high-precision electronics and business processes for the automotive and heavy construction industries. He designed and developed electronics that helped win the World Solar Car race for Australia (Darwin to Adelaide).

Over the last 10 years Shekib has been helping management and leadership teams in both the public and private sectors in Australia, Asia and Europe to embrace innovation and new technology, streamline processes and create self-leading, solution-driven teams for better performance.

At the same time, recognising the growing gap between education and industry needs Shekib has trained thousands of school and university students in Australia, Asia and Europe in skills that are necessary for solving 21st century problems.

Shekib has also been involved in several initiatives to address the global growing unemployment trend amongst youth including teaching the basics of entrepreneurship through an international program funded by the European Commission and helping marginalised and disengaged youth in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals creating more positive pathways in life. 

Shekib has a double degree in Engineering (Hons.) and Applied Science from RMIT University in Melbourne. He’s a certified Executive Coach accredited with International Coach Federation (ICF), Workplace Trainer and Trainer’s Trainer. Shekib appears as a speaker in various business and educational forums in Australia, Asia and Europe. He has lived in 8 countries and speaks 4 languages.

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