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we're equipping students and professionals with skills to be entrepreneurial, solve complex problems and change the world. 

organisations and educational institutions

we've worked with in Australia, Asia and Europe




years of positive

impact on

3 continents

Industry and Public Sector:  increased 

productivity and more innovation 

Managers and Leaders: 


career advancement

Students and Graduates: 

landed top jobs and ready to realise their  entrepreneurial dream

Marginalised Youth and Adults:

back on track with education or employment

Entrepreneurs: made their ventures more successful and meaningful

how we can help



Organisations today are competing in complex business environments. Innovation is key to survival and longterm success.

We'll assist the leadership in  creating a culture of creativity and innovation and the staff in becoming focused problem-solvers inspired to initiate and lead high impact continuous improvement projects that will

  • boost productivity,

  • reduce costs,

  • improve product and service quality

  • enhance customer relationship and loyalty,

  • improve communication, collaboration and team-work across cultures, 

  • deliver innovative products and services for targeted customers at lower cost and in shorter time frame,

  • and much more

We've successfully helped organisations in Australia, Asia and Europe across various industries including creative, 

automotive, manufacturing, primary, applied research, education, business services, life science technology, hospitality, not-for-profit, and local government, providing corporate training, executive coaching and advisory services



​Organisations - under increasing pressure to perform and innovate more frequently - say they're not hiring young people due to lack of practical skills and relevant business experience.

The growing gap between education and industry has resulted in greater youth unemployment and underemployment​​.

According to experts academic accomplishments alone no longer cuts it as organisations need a different type of graduate - a self-leader who is a problem-solver, thinks outside the box and is proactive in getting things done.

We've successfully helped thousands of young people in Australia, Asia and Europe develop practical and critical skills for today and future careers including:

self-leadership, creativity, innovation and problem-solving, critical thinking, working in cross-cultural teams, public speaking, entrepreneurship and international project management

We're happy to say that these young people have landed dream well-paying jobs, successfully delivered projects with desired outcomes, complemented on having certain skills developed stronger than their managers, received promotions in short periods (including overseas), became entrepreneurs.



Our world is changing at warp speed. Organisations are forced to keep up, placing greater demands on people expecting more work and longer hours than before. The blurred boundary between work and private time is disappearing fast and everyone is expected to be more flexible, resourceful and resilient.

Dealing with change can be stressful if people are not equipped with the right skills. Armed with poor coping strategies people risk facing enormous mental and emotional stress that result in mental health issues which are at an all time high and on the rise. Making matters worst with some resorting to drugs, alcoholism, gambling, abuse, bullying or over eating as coping strategies.

Navigating through challenging times unprepared and alone can be daunting. It is time to be strategic and take control of your life and career rather than leaving it to chance. A coach can work with you step by step as a sounding board helping you to realise your life and career dreams.

We've worked and helped countless individuals from very diverse backgrounds in Australia, Asia and Europe to achieve their dreams.

what our clients say

This has been a life changing experience. We’ve learnt more in 2.5 days than in 1 year at college. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for us. Your words always give me strength to move forward. I believe in myself more that I can solve any problem, even change the world!

Zeying, University Student, CHINA



It’s a first for me to walk away from a training already with practical solutions that address real challenges in our workplace. I’ve seen significant positive changes in my managers’ behaviour even half way through the training - some already approaching me opening up and sharing concerns. Before I had to guess what was on their mind. It’s been a real eye opener, I’m certain this shift in their thinking will have a huge impact on our business!

Dirk Vandenbulcke, Director, Automotive 



Before I got in contact with sti, I felt I was wasting my time, with no real direction or life plan. After meeting sti I have a clear idea of where I am going and what steps I need to take. I feel a lot more confident in myself, in both career and personal direction and know I am going to get to where I want to be. I highly recommend talking to sti if you’re after change in your life on every level.

Andrew Slater


international projects and activities undertaken with organisations in Australia, Asia and Europe

international projects and activities undertaken with education in Australia, Asia and Europe

about us


working for and learning from the best

We spent nearly two decades globally in product development and research achieving extraordinary results for some of the best organisations in the world.


Since in 2009 our company in Australia has been helping organisations optimise their performance on multiple levels using best practices we developed and tested in Australia and during our overseas assignments in Germany, Japan, Korea, China, US, Singapore and Malaysia.


Along the way we noticed the growing the gap between education and industry resulting in greater youth unemployment and under-employment with dire social and fiscal consequences. So we decided to do something about it by offering young people around the world including less privileged practical skills for creating successful lives and careers — skills they had never learned at school. And the result: landing dream and well-paying jobs, hitting the ground running from day one and achieving great results for their respective employers and some even becoming entrepreneurs.


We do things a bit differently. We walk the talk by constantly challenging ourselves to tackle difficult projects embarking on paths less travelled. Our motto is that the more we push ourselves, experience, learn and achieve the better position we’re in to offer our clients a genuinely practical and invaluable learning experience.


Also our highly experienced team comes from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds offering a global perspective, unconventional wisdom, proven insights in creativity and innovation, best practices from leading global organisations, advanced coaching methods and performance strategies helping professionals and young people master the success skills, transform their lives and careers and change the world.












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