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Shekib Shaker consulted to me as an executive of WISE Employment during 2011 - 2014 on a number of areas in our social enterprise development; including business planning, workshop facilitation, management coaching and advising continuous improvement projects. Shekib is methodical, smart, and articulate and added a strong systems and process approach to our organisational development. Easily grasping our industry, the challenges and assisting us find new ways to improve and grow our stakeholder impact. The quarterly troubleshooting workshops offered us fresh ideas and perspectives and helped increase collaboration and accountability within the management team. The project-based activities resulted in solving a number of challenges impacting larger organisation, leading to a more harmonious and productive work environment. He is professional, easy to work with and very passionate about his work and helping others improve and achieve greater results in their business endeavours. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shekib and his consultancy and will engage them again on future projects.

Matthew Lambelle, CEO, WISE Employment

Shekib has provided tremendous support to me and my executive team in a time of significant organisational change. Shekib is a great listener and, coupled with his deep industry knowledge and experience, is highly effective in unpacking complex issues in a highly empathetic and supportive manner to develop practical solutions.

Dr. Swee Mak , Director Future Manufacturing, CSIRO

The team is going very well and we achieved better results than last year and it's because of the training. I especially appreciated the effort in making our buyers understand their role in the negotiation process combined with the awareness of cultural aspects. This was exactly what we needed to address during the training.

Hauke Ahrens, Senior Manager, Mercedes-Benz Australia

Thanks a lot for the very nice and engaging talk. I myself have learned many points from your experiences. In fact your words have made me think maybe this is a time to set up my own business :) Please do give us the opportunity to have you at Berjaya UCH for more talks/workshops.

Dr. Shaheen Mansoori, Associate Professor School of Business,

Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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