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We are committed to helping young people achieve success in life

Since 2010 we have helped thousands of students from around the world in their transition to higher education, employment, and entrepreneurship


So Why Work with Young people?

At the start our company focused on working with managers and leaders from both the private and public sector helping them increase productivity, innovation and leadership capability using best practices tested by us extensively around the world working in Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, and the US.


In 2010 as a way of contributing to the community we started offering 3-6 month internships for university students with international background: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. We integrated short training and coaching sessions into the internship program teaching practical skills which are critical to building successful relationships and careers — skills they never learnt at school. Our sessions proved to be so impactful that we decided to start doing that on a much larger scale.

It wasn’t hard to persuade the decision makers at schools, Colleges and Universities to let us talk to their students (up to 700 at a time!). The response was overwhelming: unusually long attention span, hour-long question sessions, long queues of students seeking more personal advice, and touching personal feedback shared weeks and even months after the events.


We've since had the honour and the pleasure of working with thousands of AMAZING young people in Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe resulting in the creation of:






Challenges Facing Young People

Since 2010, wherever we go we have been hearing about these challenges:

  • Unclear about what to study

  • Feeling 'stuck', 'lost' or 'trapped'

  • ​Limited emotional support & guidance

  • Confusion due to too much choice

  • Lack of work experience

  • Lack of skills

  • Rising youth unemployment

Our Solutions to Challenges Facing Young People



We designed the Success Skills Program© for young people aged 12 - 25 specifically to address those concerns, to help them become more resilient and be better prepare for whatever the future holds

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12.21.15.png

Selected areas covered in the program: 

  • Becoming a Self-leader

  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Collaboration and Team-work

  • Creative Problem-solving & Innovation

  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making

  • Presentation & Public Speaking
  • Career Guidance


Students develop practical skills by applying their newly acquired knowledge in projects inspired by real life challenges.



Since 2015 in collaboration with a Melbourne-based Business College we have been running an Entrepreneurship and Self-leadership program for Chinese exchange students visiting Australia.


Given the tremendous success of the program year on year we are now creating a similar opportunity in Germany to visiting students determined to develop their business and entrepreneurial skills in a simulated start-up venture to best prepare for the future.

How we can help

Speaker in front of a Crowd

Guest Speaking

Engaging talks and workshops for schools, colleges and universities on

Motivation, Creativity, Self-leadership, and Employability Skills for 21st Century Jobs


Success Skills Program©

Experiential workshops for young people aged 12 - 25 to help them navigate through school or University challenges and prepare for the future (includes soft skills development and career guidance)

Tour Group

Business Study Tours

A 10 day cultural immersion program for students (University, College, and final year of Secondary School) to develop resilience and innovation, learn basic business skills and processes as well as take part in a business start-up simulation

We are proud to have worked

with the following Schools, Colleges and Universities in Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe


Thank you for the commitment you have shown to our students through the delivery of the Success Skills Programme which we introduced last year.  

The academic curriculum alone does not achieve this: it is content driven and does not teach students how to apply their skills in a real life situation, nor sufficiently encourage them to cooperate with their peers and work in teams, nor adequately promote their self esteem, as a less than perfect exam result is, in the eyes of the student, an indication of failure.  Students can feel that they're in a deep hole and don't know how to find a way out.


The Success Skills Programme which you have developed teaches our young adults the soft skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.  It encourages them to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and teaches them the skills necessary to address those weaknesses using specific strategies in order to turn them into strengths.  It encourages them to be more socially aware, both within and out with the school community.  It gives them real life opportunities to develop the skills needed in the adult world through carrying out actual projects in teams; skills like planning, time-management,  teamwork and, ultimately delivery of a result.  It teaches them how to apply time management and planning strategies to their academic learning in order to improve their grades.  Overall it encourages them to be problem solvers and to take responsibility for their own learning and their own future.  I feel that the Success Skills Programme offers vital input for our students and when partnered with the solid academic grounding which we deliver will enable our students to leave school as fully rounded individuals on the road to success. 

It has been a pleasure working with you both and I wish you every success as you continue your quest to reach as many young people as possible. 

Esther Tan, Principal


What our clients say

Selected Testimonials



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