We help Students and Professionals become more successful and create a positive impact in the world!

Professionals and Students

we've worked with in Australia, Asia and Europe



years of positive

impact on

3 continents

Industry and Public Sector:  increased 

productivity and more innovation 

Managers and Leaders: 


career advancement

Students and Graduates: 

landed top jobs and ready to realise their  entrepreneurial dreams

Marginalised Youth and Adults:

back on track with education or employment

Entrepreneurs and Business owners: 

made their ventures more successful and meaningful

How we can help


We work with students on

through intensive workshops to help them

develop Success Skills for life and

design a career path fit for the 21st century




Our Success Skills program helps students:

  • become more self-aware and self-confident

  • manage thoughts and emotions more effectively

  • build positive relationships

  • discover and make use of their talents 

  • set their goals and design a strategy to achieve them

  • become more resilient when dealing with challenges and setbacks

  • enhance critical thinking and problem-solving

  • develop an entrepreneurial mindset

  • communicate clearly and present to an audience with confidence

  • understand teamwork in the context of diverse cultures and backgrounds

  • learn project and risk management

Helping high-risk, marginalised and disengaged youth in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia

to successfully transition to Education, Employment or Entrepreneurship creating more positive pathways in life


We work with staff and leadership teams through

Workshops, Executive Coaching, and Consulting

to help develop critical skills and optimal processes for a greater value organisation that creates positive outcomes on multiple levels:




Greater Social

What our clients say


It’s a first for me to walk away from a training already with practical solutions that address real challenges in our workplace. I’ve seen significant positive changes in my managers’ behaviour even half way through the training - some already approaching me opening up and sharing concerns. Before I had to guess what was on their mind. It’s been a real eye opener, I’m certain this shift in their thinking will have a huge impact on our business!

Dirk, Director, Automotive, Bosch, BELGIUM


This has been a life changing experience.


We’ve learnt more in 2.5 days than in 1 year at college. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for us. Your words always give me strength to move forward.


I believe in myself more that I can solve any problem, even change the world!

Zeying, University Student, CHINA

Global Perspective

International projects and activities undertaken in Australia, Asia and Europe



Our Story

We have worked in some of the most innovative environments in the world.

Our company was created to help organisations optimise their performance on multiple levels based on best practices developed and tested by us around the world in product development, engineering, science and psychology.

Since 2009 we have been assisting organisations in

Australia, Asia and Europe across various industries including

creative, automotive, manufacturing, primary, applied research, education, business services, life science technology, hospitality, not-for-profit, and local government by providing corporate training, executive coaching and advisory services.

to find out why we started working with students and how we do things a little differently at sti.







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