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A supportive and inspiring eco system


for young people

to develop success skills for life and careers in the 21st century


and create a positive impact in the community

and the world!

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub

is a place where young people develop their creativity, design, innovation and entrepreneurship skills so they can create progressive and sustainable communities of the future. The activities at the Hub focus on digital technology for a wide range of applications including IT, energy, consumer products, agriculture, education, and health. 

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The hub is a platform for:


to discuss policy and investment strategies as well as improvement and innovation initiatives in the area of digital technology that would benefit the community, e.g. create employment, improve quality of life or support health and wellbeing. 

Coming together of experts and decision makers


amongst all members of the community in a casual but structured way where everyone is invited to exchange their skills and experience with others in a supportive environment, to get inspired, enriched and engaged in creating positive outcomes for oneself and others.

Local knowledge sharing

(national and international) and selecting their strategies, best practices and practical know-how for implementation on the community level to increase the attractiveness of local towns for residents and visitors alike.

Learning from successful individuals and organisations


for young people to help them become competent professionals and valuable members of the community; introduction to entrepreneurship as a potential career path with the focus on digital technology.

Success Skills training and a journey of self discovery


for electronics, computing, robotics, machine language, artificial intelligence and mobile and web-based software as a way of exposing young people to digital technology-related employment and entrepreneurship pathways.

Introduction to digital technology design


for community and business improvement solutions in an incubator-style, supportive environment as a way of empowering young people to initiate and drive positive change projects that address youth issues locally, nationally and internationally.

Cultivating and testing ideas

and potentially a source of income from the work on community projects and activities the hub is commissioned to do, with the knowledge, experience and skills developed while working on the project becoming a significant advantage when applying for a future job. 

Gaining practical business experience


by multi-disciplinary teams of young people from various educational institutions. These 3–18 month-long assignments include soft-skills training and regular coaching to ensure optimum performance and the best outcomes for each project.

Trouble-shooting industry projects


designed and implemented by young people that positively impact communities on local, national and international level (winners of competitions, young entrepreneurs, volunteers) like guest talks, conferences and competitions.

Events celebrating creative solutions

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