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become innovative and

help create an agile organisation of greater value

Everyone, regardless of their position in the organisation has the potential to solve problems and help it improve, to think of new and better ways of doing things. However, it is important to have a process in place that supports innovative thinking and making the best use of it, a process that helps capture, share, and convert ideas into better systems, products, and services.


We assist organisations in creating an environment where the staff are inspired and focused problem-solvers, the leadership team is enterprising and the workplace processes adequate enough for the meaningful improvement initiatives to be supported and acted upon on all levels.

Workshops for Staff


Working in diverse teams

Developing a mindset for self-improvement on a personal and professional level

Building effective relationships and teams regardless of background; creating impact through positive influence


Tools, strategies and best practices from around the world for solving problems of different levels of complexity

Continuous Improvement

Career Development

Detecting improvement opportunities and engaging in impactful initiatives across the organisation from initiation to completion

Supporting staff in developing skills required for the new role prior to promotion or transition; expatriate support

Workshops for Leaders

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Organisational Culture

Managing Change and Innovation

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and strategies to create more commercial and social value 

Creating a workplace environment that supports harmony and progress

Effective capture, introduction and management of new ideas and processes for the benefit of the organisation

Coaching Skills

Public Speaking

International Project and Risk Management

A structured framework for leaders to be able to assist staff in building on successes, dealing with setbacks and moving forward in any situation

Effective communication and presentation skills to keep the audience engaged and win support when necessary

Managing complex international projects and teams to ensure positive outcomes in terms of quality, budget and timeframe

Career Transition and Succession Planning

Support for successful transition to an executive role, new career or following retrenchment; expatriate support

We are proud to have worked with

management and leadership teams from SMEs, MNCs, local government and the not-for-profit sector

What our clients say

selected testimonials

It’s a first for me to walk away from a training already with practical solutions that address real challenges in our workplace. I’ve seen significant positive changes in my managers’ behaviour even half way through the training - some already approaching me opening up and sharing concerns. Before I had to guess what was on their mind. It’s been a real eye opener, I’m certain this shift in their thinking will have a huge impact on our business!

Dirk, Director, Automotive 


Your talk was great! It was really inspirational and it really resonated with our people. Their feedback: "It was the best seminar they’ve ever attended". Thank you!

Rob, Senior Manager



Solving Real Business Problems

selected case studies of international projects

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