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develop success skills for life and design a career path fit for the 21st century



Creative & Proactive

Preparing for a future career

requires more than getting the

best marks, learning how to write a CV and answering questions at a job interview. Without an opportunity for a journey of self-discovery as part of the secondary and tertiary education, students often lack clarity regarding their future path and as a result make random study and career choices which in turn help create a workforce that lacks focus and motivation.

The growing gap

between what education offers and what industry needs is one of the main reasons for rising youth unemployment. Academic accomplishments no longer ‘cut it’ as organisations need a different type of graduate — a self-leader who is a problem-solver, thinks outside the box and is proactive in getting things done.




Creative & Proactive

Work experience is often expected

of fresh graduates but 

many end up doing work with little or no relevance to their field of study. Not realising that any workplace environment is a valuable training ground and that the knowledge and skills they gained can be applied somewhere else, young people discount the experience altogether instead of viewing it as an advantage.

To help address those concerns we have


Success Skills Program

been focusing on helping young people prepare for employment and entrepreneurship by offering our multidisciplinary insights, knowledge and experience as well as proven tools and strategies that are not taught in school.


Since 2010 we have worked with thousands of students of many nationalities in Australia, Asia and Europe offering guest talks, coaching sessions, workshops, and internships.

Our proprietary Success Skills program


helps students develop practical skills for life and for the workplace so they:

  • become more self-aware and self-confident

  • manage thoughts and emotions more effectively

  • build positive relationships

  • discover and make use of their talents 

  • set their goals and design a strategy to achieve them

  • become more resilient when dealing with challenges and setbacks

  • enhance critical thinking and problem-solving

  • develop an entrepreneurial mindset

  • communicate clearly and present to an audience with confidence

  • understand teamwork in the context of diverse cultures and backgrounds

  • learn project and risk management

Success Skills Workshops


Collaboration and Teamwork

Creativity and Innovation

Condition yourself for success, challenge your thinking, and go after your goals; don’t live life ‘by default’ — design it!

Learn how to build positive relationships with people, understand what drives them and get their support in the pursuit of your and your team’s goals

Use your creativity, think ‘outside the box’, and connect the dots to create original and innovative solutions with a positive impact


Presentation and Public Speaking

Project and Risk Management

Learn to see the world through an entrepreneur’s lens; understand the world of business, how organisations function and operate

Master the art and science of story telling to captivate your audience and deliver an exciting presentation or a sales pitch without notes

Learn what it takes to be part of a project team that successfully delivers the outcomes: on budget, on time and on spec

Business Tools

Future Industries and Mega Trends

Design and create your own simple and powerful tools for decision making and performance tracking to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Find out about the newest trends such as Blockchain, I4.0, AI, IoT and their impact on today’s professions in the years to come and how you can be a part of it

Coming soon!


International Study Tours

Innovation Hub.png


high-risk, marginalised and disengaged youth

in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia to successfully transition to Education, Employment or Entrepreneurship creating more positive pathways in life


We are proud to have worked with

students from various leading international schools, colleges and universities in Australia, Asia and Europe

What our clients say

selected testimonials

Thank you for the commitment you have shown to our students through the delivery of the Success Skills Programme which we introduced last year.  

The academic curriculum alone does not achieve this: it is content driven and does not teach students how to apply their skills in a real life situation, nor sufficiently encourage them to cooperate with their peers and work in teams, nor adequately promote their self esteem, as a less than perfect exam result is, in the eyes of the student, an indication of failure.  Students can feel that they're in a deep hole and don't know how to find a way out.


The Success Skills Programme which you have developed teaches our young adults the soft skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.  It encourages them to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and teaches them the skills necessary to address those weaknesses using specific strategies in order to turn them into strengths.  It encourages them to be more socially aware, both within and out with the school community.  It gives them real life opportunities to develop the skills needed in the adult world through carrying out actual projects in teams; skills like planning, time-management,  teamwork and, ultimately delivery of a result.  It teaches them how to apply time management and planning strategies to their academic learning in order to improve their grades.  Overall it encourages them to be problem solvers and to take responsibility for their own learning and their own future.  I feel that the Success Skills Programme offers vital input for our students and when partnered with the solid academic grounding which we deliver will enable our students to leave school as fully rounded individuals on the road to success. 

It has been a pleasure working with you both and I wish you every success as you continue your quest to reach as many young people as possible. 

Esther, Principal


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